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  • Personalizedcare for women...

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  • Personalizedcare for women...

    in all stages of life
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Vita B Extreme


Beautiful results fast for the impatient perfectionist!


Research shows that Retinol (Vitamin A) and Vitamin C are the "gold standard" of skin rejuvenation. No other ingredient matters.


Recent breakthrough research proves that Niacinamide (Vitamin B) is critical to protect and energize your skin. It offers many of the same benefits as Vitamin A without the risks of irritation or photosensitivity. Plus, Vita B turbocharges all other antioxidants you're using.


Vita B Extreme™ with Vitamin B fully addresses skin concerns such as premature aging and oily skin. It gives new life to sallow or dull complexions, and boosts the skin on every level. Vita B Extreme™ is the ideal beauty elixir for the impatient perfectionists among us that want extremely beautiful results fast!


A patented blend of vitamins and botanicals super-hydrates and infuses skin at a cellular level to give your skin a high-octane energy boost. And when your skin is exposed to UVA radiation and other oxidative stress, Vita B ExtremeTM is clinically proven to halt the formation of free radicals and give you an added level of protection.

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