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  • Personalizedcare for women...

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  • Personalizedcare for women...

    in all stages of life
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Hydrate Plus


Discover why people are calling it "the cream of the crop"!


You need to invest in separate day, night and neck creams.


No you don't! Don't fall into the marketing trap to sell you more products. A moisturizing cream should be formulated to meet your skin's needs all day, every day.


Once a Day, All Day
Hydrate Plus™ is a 4-in-1, intelligent cream that adjusts to the specific needs of your skin. Applied once a day, the nutrient-rich emulsion quickly replenishes vital moisture reserves in even the thirstiest of skins, wards off visible signs of aging, and cosmetically restores the skin's natural barrier. Hydrate Plus™ is light, so the natural antioxidants and amino peptides absorb easily and work all day.


Apply Hydrate Plus™ once a day for just 28 days and witness a facial miracle - it's clinically proven to dramatically improve surface firmness, elasticity, and the look of fine lines. Dull, uneven skin tones make way for a brighter, more radiant complexion. Rough, out-of-condition skin is visibly transformed to a smoother, velvety skin texture that feels great to touch.

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