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  • Personalizedcare for women...

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  • Personalizedcare for women...

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Vita A Serum

Declare war on aging!


As long as Retinol is listed as an ingredient, I can believe the anti-aging benefits that are promised.


Retinol, or Vitamin A, is one of the most unstable vitamins in existence. Exposure to air, light or heat for even a short period of time quickly breaks it down into useless compounds. Be warned, quite a few companies claim that their Retinol is stable, but they typically don't provide any proof. So don't waste your money on a bottle full of empty promises!


The formula in Vita A™ is proven by clinical studies to encourage cell turnover and dramatically improve your appearance, smooth away fine lines, plump out the appearance of deep wrinkles, and promote more elasticity in your skin. The list of benefits is endless!


Auspect Vita A™ produces the same topical cosmetic effects of pure Retinol but without any dryness, flaking, or irritation. It is the first Australian- developed cosmeceutical to take advantage of Vitasphere A Technology, a non-irritating variety of "true" esterified Vitamin A acid that's guaranteed to maintain its potency and performance, even under the harshest conditions.


Vita A™ contains powerful botanicals with the proven ability to cosmetically strengthen the skin's defenses against external aggressors. It helps your skin maintain a superb level of visible calmness and serenity.

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