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  • Personalizedcare for women...

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  • Personalizedcare for women...

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Exfol + Serum

Wake up with fresher skin!


All Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) work the same and magically accelerate the skin's natural cell renewal cycle by removing dead surface skin cells, with little to no damage or irritation to our precious skin.


The clinical effects of AHAs can be amazing. But to work effectively, they must be formulated at a low "acid" pH, which can leave skin red, itchy and super-sensitive. Many cosmetic companies, in an effort to save money, use synthetic AHAs which, unlike more expensive naturally-derived extracts, can cause chronic skin inflammation and aging.


Intelligently engineered with naturally-derived AHAs, Exfol +™ is a gentle exfoliant that works overnight to lift away dull, devitalized skin and re-energize your complexion.


Lactic acid and botanical extracts of bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon are combined in exacting concentrations for maximum benefit. The built-in time delay in Exfol +™ delivers a controlled, naturally smooth exfoliation without traumatizing your skin.


A revolutionary clinical study has now confirmed what the Native Americans always knew - the miracle plant Canadian Willowherb™ contained in Exfol +™ really does dramatically calm the look and feel of environmentally ravaged skin, and continues to calm and nurture for up to 24 hours after just one single application.


Exfol +™ is super concentrated, so you'll see the benefits within as few as seven days. Wake up with fresher skin with Exfol +™!

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