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No Problem Serum

Problem skin should be nurtured, not tortured!


Excessively oily skin with continuous breakouts must be stripped to "cut through the grease."


These skin-strippers contain harsh and potentially skin-damaging chemicals such as synthetic detergents, peroxides, alcohol and sulphur.

This "drying out" approach causes the skin to respond with more pore-clogging oil to combat the dryness, which causes a vicious cycle. The result is often red, itchy, traumatized skin with an overly dry epidermis and oil still sloshing around under the surface!


Auspect's No Problem™ is a revolutionary, natural cosmetic solution for oily and impure skin that will never dry or damage the skin. Problem skin is treated gently to restore the skin's natural balance. The ingredients in No Problem™ have been proven to calm and heal problem skin naturally, without stripping or irritation.


Stay-C 50™ Study During the 2008 American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting, doctors were amazed at the results of a recent 12-week study reporting the extraordinary skin-clarifying results of topical 5% Stay-C 50™. A variety of Vitamin C, Stay-C 50™ banishes the look of oily skin imperfections far better than traditional chemical treatments, and without any of the harsh side effects. No Problem™ contains even more Stay-C 50™ than the percentage used in this study!

Beracare Triple A Anti-Acne System From the depths of the Amazon rain forest come Acai, Andiroba and Copaiba Balsam - the Beracare Triple A Anti-Acne System. Two 56-day clinical trial studies on these three amazing "clear skin" botanicals yielded these amazing results:

  • 72% improvement in clogged pores
  • A surprising 65% reduction in the look of excess oiliness by day 42
  • 90% of volunteers saw a dramatic reduction in the appearance of imperfections
  • 95% of volunteers described their skin as less oily, and 85% noticed cleaner-looking pores
  • 90% of volunteers said that the treatment was non-irritating and improved skin hydration and smoothness



Don't torture your skin, nurture it! Apply a little No Problem™ serum just twice per day and discover new confidence in your skin!

No Problem™ Serum contains calming botanicals, face-saving vitamins and soothing herbs, formulated in a non-greasy, super-fast absorbing serum base.

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