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Understanding Endometriosis in Women

A woman's body goes through many changes during the month and one of those is in relation to the menstrual cycle. During a woman's menstrual cycle, hormonal changes take place within the body which causes the lining of the uterus to grow. In most women, this takes place as it should, inside the uterus but there are a number of women that have a problem known as endometriosis in which these endometrial cells implant outside of the uterus, including on places such as the rectum, ovaries, bladder and in the pelvic area. A problem with endometriosis can lead to a number of different symptoms, including menstrual cramps which can last for a couple of weeks prior to menstruation and very painful periods. Some women also experience a difficulty with painful bowel movements, as well as problems having sex. What can you do if you have endometriosis?

First of all, it's important to understand that there is not a cure for this problem and it is largely unknown why it occurs in the first place. That is why much of the treatment for endometriosis focuses on the comfort of the patients and in some cases, the removal of the areas that are affected. An example of the latter would be having a hysterectomy. At The Women's Centre, we have the facilities necessary in order to take care of a problem in this regard either in our office or through the da Vinci robotic surgery process, which can be discussed during your appointment.

Treatment Options for Endometriosis

As was discussed, much of the treatment for this condition relies on medication for the patient which will help to make them more comfortable. There may also be some exercises as well as relaxation techniques that can be used for that purpose. In more extreme cases, hormonal therapy may be necessary or even a hysterectomy. If you fall into that category, you have the benefit of having Dr. John F. Dulemba, one of the leading da Vinci robotic endometriosis surgeons.

If you have symptoms of endometriosis or have been diagnosed with the condition, you can come to The Woman Centre for the treatment that you need. We would be happy to give you the attention necessary to make you comfortable with the entire process.

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