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  • medicineDo not wait until the day you run out of medication to request a refill!  Plan for refills in advance.  Allow time for your doctor to review the request.

  • Read and follow the instructions on your medication bottle.  If you use up your medications sooner than prescribed, we will not refill your prescription early.

  • If you experience any problems with your prescription, please call our office and leave a detailed message with our telephone nurse.

  • Do not call our office and request a medication refill.  Please call your pharmacist and have them fax your refill request to 940.381.1881.  If your medication refill is denied, the medical assistant will call you.

  • Refills will not be made at night, over the weekend, or holidays or as an emergency the day your medication runs out.

  • Use only one pharmacy at a time.  Keep your pharmacy name and phone number available if we need to verify information.

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