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  • Cycles are often irregular during the first 2 years after the onset of menstruation. These early cycles are often anovulatory-there is no ovulation during the menstrual cycle and therefore the luteal phase does not occur properly.

  • Breast pain, also called mastalgia, is tenderness of the breasts that can occur at any time in a woman's life. It may or may not be associated with her menstrual cycle. Breast pain is not necessarily an indication of a more serious condition.

  • Ovarian masses and cysts are common in women. It is important to realize that the vast majority of these are benign.

  • Douching. Despite all the advertising by manufacturers of feminine hygiene products, there are no practical reasons for women to douche on a regular basis

  • Pap Smear. The Pap test is a way to examine cells collected from the cervix and vagina. This test can show the presence of infection, inflammation, abnormal cells, or cancer.

  • Vaginal and/or genital bleeding in women who are in the menopause is abnormal unless it is related to hormone replacement therapy.

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